Honey Bee Removal
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The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding areas Honey Bee Removal Service

The Woodlands Honey Bee Swarm RemovalHave Honey Bees invaded your Woodlands, Texas, home or property?

SBG is a professional bee removal service offering quick service to remove honey bees from your home. The Woodlands Texas has thousands of homes and each year honey bees swarm in the spring and set up new hives in countless homes in the Woodlands and surrounding areas. While honey bees are typically non-aggressive, they are known to attack when defending their hives.

Give us a call today and we will give you a free estimate on removing your bee problem. Bees play a vital role in pollinating crops, and are considered a beneficial insect (except when they invade your home). We don't use pesticides or insecticides to kill the bees; instead we capture and relocate the hive to local apiaries.  For more information check out our FAQ page on The Woodlands, TX honey bee removal service.

Honey Bee Removal

To get rid of a beehive in your Woodlands, Texas, home or on your property contact SBG for effective beehive removal and to prevent future beehives. Our team of skilled bee removers will locate the bee colony on your property, evaluate the best method for extraction and will safely remove them. Once the hive is found, the honey bees and the hive are removed.  Then we seal and de-scent the cavity where the bee hive resides to prevent a bee colony from taking over the empty hive, which guards against future bee infestations.

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